Getting started with nail stamping

Nail Polish Stamping – A Maiden Voyage

I have given up on the idea of ever mastering water marbling and moved on to stamping. I have done all the reading and researching and felt ready to begin.

I have this squishy Winstonia stamper (I have a high C curve to my nail so the squishy is supposed to be easier for beginners to master).

I also have the Pueen stamper and a set of Pueen Stamping plates. I definitely want to try some different plates to see if there is one that is easier for me but haven’t been able to narrow it down. There are a lot of options.

Stamping is almost as difficult as water marbling but I can see that with some practice it will happen. At first I thought I had faulty plates but nope it’s just faulty me! The Pueen stamper is working a little better for me than the Winstonia. I primed them both with a Mr Clean eraser as suggested. I need to get some different polish because the right kind of polish matters too.  I had some of the Sally Hansen polishes that were supposed to work but wasn’t having a lot of luck. I gave up trying the red and blues because they were just staining everything in sight and that’s freaking annoying.

This was not my first attempt but my first successful stamp.

Nail Polish Stamping - First success
Nail Polish Stamping – First success

Some more success! Still trying to figure out how you use a white polish on a white stamper head…

Adventures in stamping take 2!
Adventures in stamping take 2!

This clear stamper seems like a brilliant idea too! Or these different color replacement heads for the Winstonia.