Nailed or Failed? Elmer’s glue base coat to remove glitter

The second solution for removing glitter nail polish is using glue (like Elmer’s glue not super glue!!) as a base coat. The idea is that when you want to remove your glitter polish you simply peel it off your nail.

Does it work?

Ok so applying the glue evenly was a challenge for me. Maybe I failed gluing in kindergarten or maybe I need a different brush IDK but I had a hard time getting the glue on even. Also I had no idea if I was supposed to a thick coat or a thin coat. I had a lot of run over to clean up.

Once I finally got the glue cleaned up and dried I painted my nails. That part seemed to go along well without any real issues. The final product looked good too!

Then I washed my hands and I washed them again. I wash my hands a lot and quickly the glue began showing it’s weakness…water. Soon the polish was peeling up. I didn’t want to let it finish on it’s own so I began peeling it off. The glue really does help remove the glitter easily and it was fun to peel off… assuming you are one of those ‘oh cool my sunburn is peeling off’ kind of people. O_O

My opinion:
Using glue as a basecoat under your glitter polishes is a functional work around but only if you don’t wash your hands excessively or maybe you just want to wear the mani for a night out. Not going to be a long wearing solution though.

Glitter on Wayne!