Liquid latex nail polish barrier

Latex barrier

So I put off buying the no mess latex barriers that are sold in the lip gloss size containers because it didn’t seem like it would last very long and is a bit pricey for such a small quantity. Given my struggles with water marbling I knew I would be wasting a bunch of this stuff. #sigh

Someone turned me on to this latex body paint (which comes in purple!), which is the exact same product! This is a generous 4 oz container for about the same price as one lip gloss tube.

A tip I learned from someone: Use a syringe to transfer the liquid latex from the container into empty nail polish bottles. You can reuse your old bottles by cleaning them with acetone. Brilliant!

I’ve used this once now and it was pretty easy to put on. However it did take longer to dry than I anticipated, so you will want to allow for that extra time when planning your water marbling, gradient sponging or other messy type manicures.

It pulls off really easily with a pair of tweezers.

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