2015-12-19 My nails before starting Nailtiques Formula 2

Nailed or failed? Nailtiques Formula 2

I have terrible nails. They peel really badly and that makes them weak. My thumbs and index fingers break on the sides all the time. I also wash my hands a lot. I’ve tried a lot of products and none of them have helped my peeling nails. Last week I watched a video about Nailtiques Formula 2. She has the same nail issues I have and has tried everything. She claims Nailtiques Formula 2+ actually works. Her usage is applying it daily under polish. So she changes polish daily which is my usual routine as well. So I’m going to give it a try but I got the Forumla 2 not 2+.  These are my before pictures from last night. I will post a follow up in a month or so!